We offer a comprehensive range of services to all equestrian owners with twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week emergency cover for all our equine clients. We aim to provide a practical cost-effective approach with full-time equine veterinary surgeons.

Visits: We are happy to cover approximately a 20 mile radius extending from Rufford, Ormskirk to visit our equine clients.

Vaccination: Infuenza and Tetanus vaccinations are recommended. Worming.

Dental work: routine and advances techniques, including radiography and extraction. Pre-purchase examination, bloods and x-rays as required.

Equine reproduction: Approved AI centre.

Routine surgery: Standing sedation and general anaesthesia. Procedures often performed include castration, rig castration, wound repair, sarcoid removal, hernia repair, eyelid repair, enucleation, dental extractions and sinus surgery.

Lameness examination: Trot up area, exercise area - hard standing for lunging, menage for lunging and ridden assessment. Our vets are highly experienced in all nerve and joint blocks. Radiography. Ultrasonography.

Inpatient care: Our equine department has the facilities to hospitalise patients for extended treatment if required, for example, during the post operative period, wound management, eye treatment, cast monitoring etc.


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