We are an Equine Veterinary Practice based in Anderton, Lancashire. We are BEVA approved for Artificial Insemination with frozen and chilled semen, with facilities on site for storing frozen semen.

We can offer full diagnostic & lameness investigation procedures including remedial farriery & are fully equipped for any Dentistry requirements you may have.

There is excellent on site stabling for patients. We have a dedicated ultrasound scanner for soft tissue, e.g tendon & ligament to produce high quality diagnostic images. X-ray facilities are used to detect bony changes. We have 2 endoscopes (long & short) to evaluate the upper respiratory system.

Scoping is used to evaluate respiratory noise, nasal discharge, haemorages & coughing. In the last 6 months we have increased and improved our dental equipment & techniques within the practice. We have facilities available for all routine rasping, large overgrowth reductions, tooth fractures & all aspects of diastema work including cleaning, flushing, widening and temporary packing if required.


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