The Stanley House Veterinary Group Equine Department has been an integral part of the practice for as long as there has been a vets in Colne. Covering an area from Osbaldeston to Silsden, Wigglesworth to Whitworth, and everywhere in between, we pride ourselves in the provision of a very high standard first opinion equine service.

Our policy is to try and carry out as many procedures as possible on our client’s premises, eliminating the need for the horse to travel to a veterinary unit where charges for livery and care can be substantial. In order to achieve this a substantial investment has been made purchasing state of the art diagnostic equipment.

The Equine department’s inventory boasts two portable reproductive ultrasound scanners which, with the use of ‘Bug’ goggle technology and battery packs, allow the user to effectively scan for pregnancy without the need for an external power supply, a Sonosite portable soft tissue scanner, providing exemplary imaging of tendon and ligament injuries, and two fibre optic endoscopes for upper respiratory tract assessment.

We also have recently purchased a digital radiography system, which is a huge step forward in our diagnostic capabilities. In the unfortunate event that horses or ponies require diagnostic work or surgery which is outside of our capabilities, we have excellent relationships with the best referral centres in the area.


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