Meadowlea Saddle Fitting Service is part of the Society of Master Saddlers. We have over 30 years experience in saddle fitting. Any saddle fitted will be the best possible for the horse and rider within the allowed budget. It is important to remember that horse's do change shape, sometimes considerably, especially if the horse is young, aged, over weight under weight new to a yard or to an owner, also from season to season.

Horse's can also change shape as, if a saddle now fits corretly, the horse can develope muscle more rapidly as he can now move more freely than before. Where it is thought that the horse is likely to muscle up then a size wider maybe fitted to accommodate growth. This will be agreed with the owner and it may be necessary to ride with a pad under the saddle while this growth occurs, however it is impossible to predict exactly how a horse will develop as there are so many factors to consider.

New or re-flocked saddles should be checked after 6 to 12 weeks as the flocking will settle and will need to be put back in to balance. There after saddle should be checked every 6 months.


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