Equine Therapeutics is run by Kay Emmerson EThPK and covers the South West of England

Her work involves Sports and Remedial Massage; Injury Rehabilitation; Saddle assesment and a range of Alternative Therapies, including Essential Oil Therapy, Kinesiology, Hydrotherapy and Hands-on Healing. 

Kay qualified as an Equine Therapist in 2003 and has since worked in the UK and Overseas, notably on the Thai Royal Polo ponies.

Kays initial interest in Equine Therapies was to be of benefit to her own horses, but it was soon clear that other owners felt that the Therapies would benefit their horses too and requested Kays help, this led to the creation of Equine Therapeutics! 

Kay has also a passionate interest in Equine Nutrition, especially relating to the management, prevention and control of Equine Gastric and Colonic Ulceration. 

Kay also has deveolep her own system of Equine Management - The EquiCare System, which incorperates many different aspects to create a healthy, efficient, natural-like stratergie which can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of horses in varied life stages, disciplines and environments.

Kay keeps her own horses barefoot, and is able to offer non judgmental and realisitc advice. Kay is also experienced with both treed and treeless saddles, for a variety of disciplines and specific requirements, from dressage to endurance and eventing.

Kays specialist interests are Classical Riding and her own gentle style of progressive groundwork. She has worked with Iberians, Racing yards, Hunters, Competition horses, Polo ponies, Natives and Icelandics through to childrens ponies and veterans; enjoying each of their unique qualities and personalities.


Behaviourists, Dressage Instructors, Hydrotherapy, Livery Yards, Physio, Reiki, Saddle Fitters, Therapists


Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire

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