There is much written about racehorse trainers but not so much about what they do! So what is the trainer’s role? So what are Ferdy’s days like? There is no doubt that the job has multiple aspects to it but the overriding aim, excuse the pun, is striving for achievement on the racecourse.

That builds the prestige of the yard and provides longer-term security for all those for whom he is responsible. Then it has to be sustained! It has to rise above the current culture of one-minute wonder celebrities and an unstable economic climate. It takes time, patience, total commitment and, faith and the ability to sustain those elements even when the going gets tough. So what is at the core of this achievement? Ferdy puts the horse and its well-being at the top of the list.

Stabling: Two American-style barns, each containing 33 stables and an upstairs area, and a ‘fillies barn’ form the main stabling. The high roofs in the American barns ensure a good circulation of air and light and the ‘indoor’ environment is beneficial to both the horses and the stable staff.

Indoor School: The indoor school is an important part of life at Wynbury. It is used for warming horses up, cooling down and schooling practice. It is also a much welcomed break for the horses and staff during the winter months providing shelter from the North Yorkshire weather! All of the horses are rolled in the school after they have exercised. This helps them cool down further and relax.

Schooling/Trotting Ring: We have a 2 furlong, all weather Eurotrack exercise ring. We use this for a pre-exercise warm up and cooling down afterwards. We also have several portable fences which can be placed on either side of the ring. The advantage being that it is continuous schooling exercise and the horses can be schooled without having to stop and go back to the start of a row of hurdles/fences.

Gallops: We have a private 5.5 furlong all weather Eurotrack gallop which runs the full length of our paddocks (separated for the horses turnout). The gallop is on site, safe and secure. We can work around 90 horses in 4 or 5 lots in one morning. The fitness and well being of the horses is testament to what a great asset our gallop is.

Transport: We have 4 stall and 2 stall horseboxes. These have CCTV monitoring, ventilation fans and temperature monitoring units.


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