South Downs Veterinary Physiotherapy offers both Rehabilitation and Performance Development Services.

All athletes, be they human, equine or canine, need a little help to stay in tip top condition and to perform at their best. Whether recovering from injury, or looking for that last 1%, we are able to work closely with you and your animal. We can ensure their training programme is optimised and that they are free from any little niggles which may be affecting their performance, or to maximise recovery post-competition.

Our specialisms lie in Racing, Eventing and Polo. South Downs Veterinary Physiotherapy is headed by Katie Baxter BSc(Hons), PGDip, MASSVAP, MNVAP, a professional who is qualified to the highest standard in the Veterinary Physiotherapist field and fully insured.

Physiotherapy is a vital part of any rehabilitation programme, designed to support and enhance the body’s natural healing process and allow for the best recovery in the shortest possible time.

South Downs Veterinary Physiotherapy prides itself on science and evidence based practice and a flexible, adaptable and dynamic approach to treatment.


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East Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex

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