Horses have always been an important part of life at Dairy House Farm. When our family first came here Shire horses played an essential part. They, of course, were retired many years ago but we decided to use the stables they used to form a small DIY livery enterprise. This has now expanded to full, part, or DIY livery. As the enterprise grew it became very obvious that just providing a stable and a field for grazing was not enough. People required all sorts of different facilities so they could pursue the activity which most interested them, some simply wanted to come and enjoy a quiet hack. Much time and effort has gone into providing a wide range of facilities which will hopefully cater for everyone’s needs but we are always open to new ideas! We are always trying to improve the facilities to cater for every possible taste and need. Facilities: Three outdoor arenas and one indoor arena (Forty by twenty arena used for general riding and warm up for the dressage events) and an arena for lunging is nearby. For anyone keen on show jumping, there is a full set of jumps in their own arena. There is all year round grazing, several paddocks are kept free and rotated to avoid becoming muddy. Fancy a trip along the Trans Pennine trail? It runs right through the farm. You can join it to go east or west without leaving the premises. We have our own private three mile ride - only for the use of our clients. Now equipped with cross country jumps and very quiet and undisturbed, it is a big hit with everyone. The largest arena sixty by twenty used for the unaffiliated dressage events and military riding training – great fun!


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