Woodlands Stables is a Riding School in Titnore Lane Worthing West Sussex and at this Riding Stables you can have Riding Lessons, Jumping Lessons, Dressage Lessons or even hacks on the pre South Downs.

Woodlands Stables in Titnore Lane at Patching, Worthing has been established and under the same ownership for over thirty-seven years which must certainly say something! The stables are open most days for children aged four years and all ages upwards are welcome!

The instructors Avril Sirett (BHSAI) and Anne Bainbridge (BHSAI) are both very patient with a flair for putting everyone at ease and make riding lessons fun! All lessons are held in the indoor school, so you don't have to worry about the weather! We are proud of our well behaved and schooled ponies and horses.


BHS Instructors, Dressage Instructors, Show Jumping Instructors


West Sussex

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