I moved down to Sussex from Southport in 2002 (yes I am a northerner!!!!) and decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in the equine world. Like any typical boy I always wanted to be a cowboy, so I enquired about farriery! Nearly five years of training, college blocks, minimum wage and exams passed by but my love for the job just grew and grew.

After successfully qualifying at my first attempt, I decided to stay in Sussex where I have gone on to develop my own successful business. I am lucky in the fact that I was trained in all styles of shoeing; traditional, natural balance, bare foot or turn out trims and remedial and corrective, for all kinds of horses; race horses, happy hackers, show jumpers, carriage horses and many more.

My training has helped me develop a style of shoeing in a manner that seems to be popular with all my clients and their horses. Importantly I believe that every horse can be shod in a calm and gentle manner – throughout my sets I am always calm, reassuring and continually chat to the horse to give them the respect I expect in return. Naturally, I also deal with the more green horses but with the help of the clients and continual patience these horses are now very happy to be shod.

I pride myself in my work. It is a reflection of who I am. I am very thorough in order to achieve the horse’s needs. I am immaculate and a bit of a perfectionist in what I do!

I run my business in a similar fashion and strive to supply the best possible service to my clients and their horses. I am polite, punctual, easy to get hold of and make myself available for emergency call outs. You can guarantee service with a smile!




East Sussex, Surrey, West Sussex

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