Sion passed his diploma in 1994 and covers all types of Farriery. His expert skills are sort after in many countries which takes him around the world. He is a member of Worshipful Company of Farriers, his craft has also gained him the prestigious award, Freedom Of The City Of London.

Sion specialises in working with foals, limbs and hoof deformities whilst continuing to work with them throughout their years. Sion enjoys competitions and has successfully competed worldwide including the world championships in Canada.

Sion shares his passion and skills with his two apprentices Gavin and Tom.

A well shod horse is the result of co-operation between the horse owner the farrier... and the horse. The farrier brings to the job the skill and knowledge acquired through a lengthy apprenticeship, intensive college and training and a continuing accumulation of experience. The horse will be better able to co-operate if used to handling, so that it will stand quietly whilst the feet are picked up, trimmed and/or shod.

Proper feeding and continuing foot care picking out the feet helps build strong horn which makes good farriery easier.





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