We are a small team of farriers based in Long Crendon in Buckinghamshire and working in the surrounding areas. Our aim is to provide an excellent standard of equine hoof care coupled with a highly professional service. In addition to general shoeing and trimming, a large element of our work is corrective farriery and we have developed very good relationships with local vets working with them on a regular basis to achieve excellent results.

We continue to strive to develop our farriery skills knowledge base endeavouring to remain at the forefront of advanced farriery techniques. Crendon Farriers offer a prompt, professional and reliable service endeavouring to provide an ancient traditional skill with the highest level of 21st century service and technology.

Forge: We are based at our forge just outside Long Crendon, here we have excellent facilities to make our own handmade shoes as well as any remedial shoes required. We also have a purpose built tie-up area for clients to bring their horses to us to be shod.

Mobile: We have two fully equipped mobile forges allowing us to provide a prompt lost shoe service (normally within 48 hours). These allow us to be prepared for any job we might face during our visits and carry the latest laptop facilities. This enables us to have instant access to all client and horse histories and account data. It also gives us the facility to read digital X-rays on site.

Flexibilty: As professional Farriers we provide a comprehensive service using a wide variety of shoes and fitting techniques to care for a diverse range of equines from Shetland ponies to performance horses in all disciplines. We have great pride in our skills and give every task the same highest level of care and attention.

Timely: We offer a prompt, professional and timely service. The very nature of our task means that delays can sometimes occur but we are aware of our customers' time pressures and if running late will always contact them to keep them fully informed of our best estimated time of arrival.

Corrective Farriery - Just some examples of our latest treatments include:

  • Glue on shoes; imprint, dalric and mustad
  • Handmade shoes eg. barshoes
  • Foal correction: trimming & extensions
  • Equithane products; pad material, Crack repair, Natural balance.
  • The unshod horse: Always open minded to the horses welfare we are skilled in both equicast and barefoot trimming.

Video gait analysis: We are now able to offer a video gait analysis service. This enables us to video your horses movement and gait thus allowing us to analyse more accurately the footfall and loading which cannot be seen by the naked eye. This leads to a more accurate diagnosis of the precise shoeing requirement in order to gain the greatest comfort and therefore maximum performance.





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