Not many people in the world can truly say they love the work they do. I have loved horses since I first sat on one when I was just 2 years old (back in 1961). As I grew up I found that I have an affinity with horses and that we like, trust and respect each other. So now I feel very honoured that they allow me to work with them and I always treat them with the patience, courtesy and respect they deserve.

It is said that knowledge is a wonderful thing but it is wasted if not shared with others. What I want to do with my knowledge, skills and experience is to help everyone to have a better understanding and working relationship with their horses.

I met my first Equine Dental Technician (EqDT) when he came to the yard I was running to work on some horses, including my mare, and I was fascinated with the work he was doing. I decided that I wanted to know and learn more about dentistry. He said that I could train in the UK but that the best place in the world to learn was the USA. So after a lot of research I went to the ''Academy of Equine Dentistry''in Idaho and it was there that I trained and a few years later certified as an Equine Dental Technician (CEqDT with the International Association of Equine Dentists (IAED).


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