Rachael is an experienced McTimoney Chiropractor who graduated in 2001 and subsequently trained as an animal practitioner treating dogs, cats and horses. She is registered with the General Chiropractic Council, a member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association, and a Fellow of the College of Chiropractors. Rachael is also a mentor for new graduates offering advice and support for Chiropractors in their first year in practise.

Rachael worked from the Symons Medical Centre for six years before moving to The Lotus Centre providing the opportunity to work within a multi-disciplinary setting. Rachael is passionate about McTimoney Chiropractic and has a keen interest in all aspects of health with a strong interest in the mind-body link.

Animals can suffer from back, neck and musculoskeletal problems just like people and can therefore benefit from the McTimoney treatment. McTimoney Chiropractic looks very much at the alignment of the whole animal whilst paying particular attention the spine and pelvis. The adjustments are very swift and are generally readily accepted by the animal many are relaxed during treatment. Many lameness’s and back problems can also be caused by other medical problems which is why it is essential that you gain veterinary consent prior to treatment.


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