Christina Dodd is trained and qualified in Bowen Technique - an increasingly popular hands-on therapy that is ideal for muscle and tissue injuries, she is also trained and qualified in Reflexology, with additional knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and healing.

EMRT is a holistic therapy that involves a series of gentle moves at key points of the horse on the Muscles, tendons and connective tissue (fascia). These moves stimulate nerves creating a natural healing response by the body. They soften tight fascia to a more flexible healthy state, improving the function not only of muscles but deep into the body organs. Fascia is a continuous membrane that covers every organ, blood vessel, nerve and bone in the body. In prime condition it is loose, moist, mobile and elastic, facilitating movement between all parts of the body.

When stress or injury occur the fascia hardens, grows less flexible, and becomes less porous, thereby restricting the flow of fluids and reducing elasticity. This is seen as restricted movement of the horse. Although EMRT is a fantastic treatment for horses, it does not replace veterinary treatment, and, before treating the horse, permission of the vet is required.

In cases of injury, EMRT can be an effective treatment to work along side veterinary care. All horses are athletes and like humans subject to stress and strain. This can create underlying problems which show up in horses as physical symptoms. EMRT will help alleviate these by balancing and re-aligning the body's systems, and so is a useful therapy to keep the body supple helping to reduce the risks of more serious injuries occuring.


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