Stephen Brooks Equine Veterinary practice has been running for many years now and we have built a solid reputation for excellent quality service. The Practice was started in 1999 by Stephen Brooks himself and is now a 3 vet 100% Equine Ambulatory practice covering Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a high quality level of veterinary care at their own premises or livery yard. Our veterinarians keep up to date with the latest developments in the equine veterinary field by regularly attending conferences and training days.

Our Services:

  • Lameness and poor performance examination - we are able to conduct full lameness investigations utilising our up to date diagnostic equipment such as digital radiography, ultrasonography together with treatments such as shockwave, zamar machine and stem cell therapy.
  • Poor performance investigations are backed up by an ECG machine and upper airway endoscopy.
  • Routine health checks and vaccinations - we offer a free dental examination at the time of vaccination on request. We also offer routine health checks targeting our older patients including blood tests, cushings investigation and dental examinations where appropriate.
  • Dentistry - as well as providing traditional dental rasping we also have a brand new electric rasp and two of our vets have attended equine dentistry courses.
  • Medicine - We are able to provide thorough medical investigations with further diagnostic procedures such as abdominal ultrasound and in-house laboratory for prompt blood analysis. One of our vets has further qualifications in equine internal medicine and has worked extensivley with equine neonates.
  • Reproduction - As well as routine stud work we also provide artificial insemination with fresh, chilled and frozen semen.
  • Prepurchase examinations - We carry out many prepurchase examinations each year.


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East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex

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