Here at Blue Moon we are able to offer holistic therapies to both humans and animals. We are professional and experienced, working empathetically Relax in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a mobile treatment.

We have a wide experience of working with many species of animals. We have a passion of working with horses, and when giving reiki to horses and other animals, communication often comes through. We are fully insured and qualified.

We specialise in Reiki. Reiki is a wonderful gentle form of energy therapy, using the universal life energy to work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It relieves stress and pain, and can improve the symptoms of a wide range of health conditions in people as well as behavioural problems in animals. It balances the bodies energies and chakras, bringing the body into a harmonious state. It is a complimentary therapy and is not an alternative to seeking the advise of medical professionals.

Before any reiki sessions are carried out on animals, under the Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966, Veterinary approval must be gained by the owner. This is just a phone call to the vet before the treatment just to gain their consent. I have worked with animals most of my life, owning a wide variety of different animals. I have always had a passion for working with animals, and reiki allows me to connect with them on another level and help them use the reiki energy where they need it.

Reiki helps animals overcome a number of both phsyical and emotional problems. It also helps with behavioural issues. Reiki channels the universal energy to help with healing. It is very gentle and safe.


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