David has been a Reiki Master for over ten years and during that time he has worked on both humans and animals with great success. He worked for twelve months on a voluntary basis at Broad Green Hospital in Liverpool, working with children and young adults who had Cystic Fibrosis.

A state of deep relaxation can be achieved using Reiki and he has recently applied this to horses and dogs with equal success. Reiki, a complementary therapy, is the application of a Universal Energy that surrounds us all. It is a non-invasive therapy and is applied by a Reiki practitioner by using a gentle touch. It is a great stress reducer and it can help stimulate the body’s natural ability for self healing.

On a physical level, Reiki helps to bring balance. Whether it is a human or an animal, when the body is in a state of balance it tends to heal itself. On a mental level, when one is in a state of balance stress is easier to handle, therefore, Reiki can help animals who are physically and emotionally sensitive, allowing them to release tension and to cope better.


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