Michelle trained at the Centre for Animal Osteopathy with Stuart McGregor, and gained a post graduate diploma in Animal Osteopathy. She treats mainly horses and dogs, having owned and trained horses in the past.

Horses are treated at your yard by appointment. A treatment session comprises an assessment (either initial assessment or an evaluation of progress), where gait, symmetry of musculature, and muscle imbalances are found and related to the owner's description of the problem.

Treatment is made up of appropriate techniques - this may be soft tissue massage, articulation of limbs, shoulder or hips, and specific stretches for various areas all aimed at improving the function of the animal as a whole, and more specifically the area in trouble. As an example a horse that appears to be stiff in the back, may well have a problem at the poll - and treatment of the joint (the poll) allows the horse to flex correctly and subsequently round his back in order to perform the dressage movements required.


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