Prestige Equestrian Centre and Riding School, offering Livery, one to one tuition and prestige horses and ponies for sale at Stoke by Clare, in the Suffolk, Essex countryside. Nestling behind the quiet village green and is our dedicated equestrian centre with excellent facilities catering to clients looking for a well run, professional establishment where the horses care and well being is of utmost importance. Our attention to detail is second to none and we offer livery packages for your horse, training for both you and your horse and riding instruction on our own horses and ponies. DIY Livery - You pay for your stable and use of field and arenas only. 'D I Y' Clients look after the pony/horse themselves & purchase their own feed/bedding/hay etc and make all their own arangements for farrier visits etc. Hay, Haylage, Straw and Woodshavings must be purchased directly through ourselves. There are no facilities for storing bulk purchases of feed, bedding or hay on our premises, you may keep your tack in the tack room and feed in the feed room. We can assist with am/pm feeds, bringing in, turning out etc as needed for an additional small fee. Working Livery - We use your horse/pony for teaching clients on as required and look after your horse 5 DAYS A WEEK including turning out, bringing in, changing rugs etc. as well as providing all hay & bedding, making farrier appointments etc. Owner mucks out and cares for their own horse/pony on weekends (of course you also can come every day to see, groom, ride etc should you wish). Part Livery - We provide all feed, bedding etc turn out & bring in, generally look after your horse from Monday - Friday. Owner does everything at weekends, unless agreed otherwise from time to time - holidays etc. Full Livery - We provide all feed, bedding, turn out, bring in etc 7 DAYS A WEEK. Short Term Schooling/Breaking Livery - By arrangement, based on individual requirements of owner/horse.


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