Jane Henderson is an ABRS teacher with nearly 40 years of horsemanship experience. This includes: running Fleetwater stud; breeding, showing and training high-class performance horses; as well as helping horses and riders using an holistic approach.

Jane’s philosophy of natural horse management has included many years of research and personal discovery in finding ways to care and nourish the well being of her horses. She has studied complementary therapies including herbs, homoeopathic remedies, kinesiology, and healing, which have all gone to enrich her knowledge of horse physiology and psychology, so her methods are truly holistic.

Having ridden for more years than she cares to remember, Jane’s style of riding now stems from Classical Riding principles, looking at horse and rider as one and unravelling the intricate communications that this involves. Jane aims to help you create a harmonious connection with you horse as well as enjoying the thrills and idyllic scenery of the New Forest. An unforgettable experience for any equine owner.

We can provide experienced and personalised service including: Ridden tuition, Jump training, Confidence building, Problem solving, Handling and stable management tips.


BHS Instructors, Show Jumping Instructors



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