My name is Martina Drabkova and I am a freelance all around trainer. I offer western training, specializing in reining , basic training for classical dressage and horsemanship lessons.

“I believe a true partnership is built on trust and understanding. I have been involved with horses for nearly 20 years now and they became an inseparable part of my life." I welcome horses of all ages, breeds and levels of ability including unbroken and problem horses.

My main focus is on a soft and supple horse and to help build horse or rider confidence and generally improve your relationship with your horse. All horses are introduced to a groundwork. I also work on desensitizing and building horses confidence and trust. I want my horses to be able to move all the body parts from the ground before I ask for the same manoeuvres from the saddle.

This training is suitable for any discipline or any type of horse. After mastering the basics in the saddle (ie.walk, jog, lope, directions, stop, back up) and discovering horses real potential, depending on its physical and mental abilites the rest of its training would be focused on discipline the horse could excell in.

All horses are going through the same training program based on good horsemanship such as pressure and release and an individual approach to every horse. I specialize in reining training but also fundamental training for a classical dressage.


BHS Instructors, Dressage Instructors



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