Situated in Tangmere, between Arundel and Chichester, Harlequin forge is a farriery service that offers hot and cold traditional shoeing whilst also keeping up to date in the advances of farriery, enabling us to pin point the needs of your horses feet and ultimately enhancing soundness and well-being.

I currently hold the Dip WCF qualification as most farriers in the country have, however I enrol myself into seminars based across the country that help train farriers in new and upcoming ideas in shoeing, heightening my existing knowledge and keeping me up to date with every aspect of Farriery and what it has to offer potential clients and horses.

My Services include Bare Foot Trimming, Imprint Shoeing, Epona Plastic Shoeing, Natural Balance, Bar Shoes Etc.


Barefoot Trimming, Farriers


East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex

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