Specialising in the shoeing of performance horses. We are able to provide a top class service to customers who want to maximise the potential of their horses. Using the best materials coupled together with constantly updated skills we are able to improve, maintain and optimise the comfort of your horses. We regularly undertake remedial shoeing alongside many veterinary surgeons, working together to ensure the best outcome possible.

Shoeing: We ensure we use the best materials available, using either hand made shoes or the highest quality shoes and equipment. Top quality materials coupled together with constantly updated shoeing methods ensures both you and your horse always receive the best quality service available. We generally attend horses under our care every 6 weeks, this ensures their feet are maintained at their optimum length and any growth defects and imbalances are closely monitored. It is always best to be proactive in preventing problems than being reactive to them once they have caused problems. In essence, we aim to shoe your horse correctly, not correctively!

Trimming: Some farriers will simply shorten the hooves but T. Smith Farriers will give your horse the care and attention it requires, even without shoes. We trim with the whole horse and situation in mind, ensuring the best possible health for your bare foot horse. Considering balance, proportion and shape, along with the expertise to spot any abnormalities as soon as possible we work with you to proactively maintain the best hoof health.





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