I am fully insured and offer professional but friendly dental work at very competitive prices, based in South Derbyshire and working in the Midlands.

It is essential that horses have regular dental examinations as they are prone to problems in their mouth due to their design and the diet which we feed. Horses often show signs of trouble in their mouth when being ridden or simply chewing their feed, in which case your local equine dentist should be contacted as soon as possible I use both manual and power tools when performing dental work, depending on the needs of the horse.

I am able to offer an examination of the external head and oral cavity and provide general care and hygiene of the mouth. A basic float includes the removal and reduction of sharp enamel points which commonly occur to the cheek side of upper teeth, and tongue side of lowers; along with balancing the mouth and preserving the natural angle of dental arcades. Bit seating is included within a basic float if necessary, alongside removal of tartar build up which commonly occurs to the lower canines.

I am also able to remove incisor and premolar caps (baby teeth) if necessary to encourage a balanced and evenly-developed mouth.

Remedial work is carried out which involves the reduction of over growths within the mouth which include hooks, ramps, steps, waves and excessive transverse ridges in order to balance the mouth.


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