Gary is one of the most experienced equine dentists in the world. Gary began in horse dentistry approximately 20 years ago. He originally trained in the USA along with a few other dentists that believed in the need for higher standards for equine dentistry. Gary was unhappy with the dilution of the dentistry profession standards that was occurring, and felt that there was a need for an organisation that would define the highest standards for dentistry, and ensure that those standards did not lower.

Along with a Canadian equine dentist, Todd Williams, who had the same beliefs as Gary, they formed the Worldwide Association of Equine Dentistry. Gary has a wide range of customers that include top competition riders, from the worlds of dressage, eventing, show-jumping, racing and endurance. Gary also has customers from the Western community, polo clubs, equine charities and sanctuaries as well as a large clientele from leisure owners.

As mentioned, Gary looks after many of the Thoroughbreds in the racing industry and has attained more knowledge on teeth in young horses than almost any other dentist around. Gary looks after the 2010 Derby winner, Workforce, and would like to think that Workforce's teeth played a big part in his fantastic winning run! Also have the pleasure of looking after Frankel said to be the worlds greatest rachorse. And treated the Queens horse Estimate who won the gold cup this year.


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