Clare trained and qualified with one of the UK’s leading schools, The Original School of The Bowen Technique, Bowtech, and is a member of the Bowen Association UK and Federation of Holistic Therapies.

Clare then went on to complete the 2 year equine qualification with the Pioneering school the Equus School of Learning and Research in Australia. Clare regularly attends refresher and new courses to keep up to date with new procedures and research within the physical field.

Horses today are subjected to stresses and strains for which they were not designed. The evolution of the horse spine has not adapted sufficiently, it lending itself to weakness and abnormalities. If these weaknesses are not detected, the horse will inevitably compensate which over time can cause a breakdown within the body. These present themselves as a physical trauma to a muscle, tendon or ligament. Myofascia therapy can help.


Bowen Technique, Therapists


Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Isle of Man, Kent, Somerset, Wiltshire

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