Horses follow cues or aids; an aid is either a suggestion to move into or away from pressure. Depending on where we put this pressure they will either move forwards, backwards, sideways, up, down or into flexion!!! What is very important here is to note that it is when we take the pressure off that the learning occurs. Sounds easy enough, but here is the rub! We need to have in place the following attributes:

  • Focus and Feel
  • Timing
  • Calmness
  • Clarity Consistency and Effectiveness

If we do not have these attributes horses get confused which will lead them into an emotional state where training becomes an unpleasant experience and very little positive learning occurs. It is very important to constantly be aware that horses mirror our state of mind, our emotions and therefore our attitude.

Sue has been 'teaching' since she was 15 years old! 35 years on she still shows the same passion for her work. A natural born leader and teacher, she knew it was to be her vocation in life.




East Sussex, West Sussex

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