Ellena is an academically qualified and professionally registered Animal Behaviourist specialising in canine, feline and equine behaviour problems. The aim of behaviour counselling is to diagnose the cause of the problem behaviour and then work with owner and animal to provide a tailor made treatment program.

Veterinary referral is necessary to ensure the animal is not suffering from medical conditions that may cause them to behave the way they are. Owners can ask for a referral from their vet. Horses are social animals that naturally spend their waking hours foraging in a herd.

Behaviour problems can occur when there is conflict between how the horse has evolved to live, our expectation of them in the activities we wish to pursue and the way we keep them. Problems can also occur if horses are in pain, and these problems can persist as learned behaviours even when the source of pain has been resolved.

So providing for behavioural needs and ensuring they receive routine treatments can go a long way in preventing behaviour problems.





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