Want to keep your horse barefoot? Then you need someone specially trained to trim and maintain the barehoof horse and this is what Barefrills is all about!

By offering safe and sound trimming! A barehoof strategy trim is a natural trim, gentle and non-invasive, trimming each horse to support the horses natural wear and conformation. Its success is based on knowing what to take off as well as knowing what to leave on enabling the hoof to work at its best on which ever path you choose. A practitioner of natural horsemanship Barefrills truly believes that every horse deserves healthy and balanced feet regardless of behaviour.

If you have a horse who needs some extra time and work when having their feet trimmed or even picked out, Barefrills will help to develop trust as well as hoof care. Terrin has a Bachelor of Arts degree from MMU, is fully trained and qualified with a diploma in barefoot trimming, a graduate of the Barehoof Strategy School UK, training with Dan Guerrera. Completely embracing the ‘thrills’ of the barefoot horse, her two ponies are proof of the pudding as they trek over every terrain with their soles bared.


Barefoot Trimming


Greater Manchester

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