Sheri Pinkney is a fully qualified and insured McTimoney animal therapist.

Animals suffering from back, neck and pelvic problems can benefit from a McTimoney treatment, which aligns and balances the animal’s musculoskeletal system helping to restore and maintain health.

As a guide, owners should consider seeking treatment if their horse displays and of the following signs:

* Unlevelness, especially behind
* Uneven wear of shoes
* Sore or cold backs, uneven pressure from saddles or the saddle slipping to one side
* Unexplained deterioration in usual performance
* Asymmetry, such as stiffness on one rein, or a disunited canter
* Unexplained resistances, such as napping, rearing, refusing, bucking, etc.
* Uneven muscle development or atrophy

Sheri is based in Salisbury, Wilts and covers a 30 mile radius for both horses and dogs. If you think your horse is in need of a McTimoney treatment then do follow this link for more detail about Sheri - www.horseanddogtherapist.co.uk




Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

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